Elevator Modernisation

Cost-effectively improve the safety, efficiency, performance and reliability of your existing elevator.

Transform your lift into a reliable, fully modernised and guaranteed system.


When a lift has reached the end of its serviceable life it is, more often than not, more cost-effective to modernise rather than replace the unit in its entirety.

Using only commercially available components, which means spares are always available, we at Caledonian Lift Services pride ourselves in the quality of work we produce. Your lift can be transformed to improve safety, ride quality, aesthetics and reliability.

If your lift is old and unreliable, why not contact us and we will send our surveyor to carry out a free assessment of what’s required to make your lift look and operate like new.
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Nothing lasts forever and lifts are no different. It is easy to take one for granted and most users will never see anything other than the interior decoration, pushes and displays. Yet throughout its life, mechanical and electrical components within the lift system will make hundreds of thousands, in some cases millions of operations. Like any other machine, those components will eventually age, wear and expire.

There isn’t an absolute maximum or minimum lifespan for a lift but typical lifespan can be between 20 and 25 years for an electric traction lift and approximately 15 years for a hydraulic lift. However, light duty cheaper equipment can last as little as 10 years. So where to begin? Well, it is not unreasonable to expect to get at least 10 years from even the most lightweight of lifts. After that we would suggest at least some consideration be given to the long term future. That is not to say that immediate modernisation/replacement is necessary, but the financial cost of lift replacement, or even full modernisation, can be high so it is worth starting to plan at an earlier stage and not be caught when the inevitable happens.

We only use tried and tested equipment from reputable lift equipment suppliers with a readily available stock of spares. This allows us to match the best modernisation solution for your lift rather than experience the higher cost of a full replacement.

If you are unsure as to whether your lift is reaching the end of its serviceable life, Caledonian Lifts offer a full range of inspections and surveys to help evaluate the condition, health and safety and quality of maintenance on your lift. Speak to one of our staff today on: 01698 735364 or email us at: repairs@caledonianlifts.net

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