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Elevator Modernisation

We’re prompt, reliable and our rates are extremely affordable

Transform your lift into a reliable, fully modernised and guaranteed system.

When a lift has reached the end of its serviceable life it is, more often than not, more cost-effective to modernise rather than replace the unit in its entirety.

Using only commercially available components, which means spares are always available, we at Caledonian Lift Services pride ourselves in the quality of work we produce. Your lift can be transformed to improve safety, ride quality, aesthetics and reliability.

If your lift is old and unreliable, why not contact us and we will send our surveyor to carry out a free assessment of what’s required to make your lift look and operate like new.

We offer an outstanding range of Lift Engineering services and believe you won’t get a better service anywhere. Call us on 0844 800 7808 or click the link below to find out more.

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